Bellator the Brave


Brought up on the 7th plane. Bellatore is one of a number of young warriors from the House Bellatore. Each year the worthy amongst the house are sent out into the world to make a 1000 kills.
Once they return stronger, wiser, and deadlier, they are rewarded with the ultimate accolade of becoming one of the vampires. Only the worthy are sent on this quest. As a result the house is small but valiant.

Bellator himself was the son of a failed warrior, who returned maimed after his quest for a 1000 deaths. However, being of strong blood and of a Nobel human line the vampires of House Bellatore allowed him to return and to become one of their feeding stock and breading stock.
Vowing to succeed where his father failed Bellator has set out on his quest. He is without his own name, which he will have to earn. In his own land he is known as First son to Laesus.



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