The Rise of Apparition


Having valiantly rid the world of the warmongering destructive force known as Plath. The two heroes of the hour headed for safety. Unfortunately one of their number was gravely diminished, and is recuperating in a very nice monastery for the seriously ill. The two known as Apparition and Bellator headed for safety in a ship that was less than ship shape. They had a list of supplies needed to repair the ship. So Bellator and Apparition headed into a ships graveyard and disguised The Bone Scraper as best they could. Bellator then walked back to retrieve their less conspicuous ship. Which was still docked at New River. Needing a crew he recruited a likely bunch of three orks and half orks. They did well and sailed the ship to a nearby trading port. In no time at all Bellator gathered the material. Needing time alone to gather his thoughts and meditate he allowed his crew to do whatever they wanted for a few hours. This was a life lesson in what no to do, the crew stumbled back onto the ship in no fit state. Allowing them to fall into their cabins Bellator hit the streets and found four sober sailors in need of work. Giving them directions to the ship and half an hour to be present he returned to deal with his drunken crew.
The four young elves were excellent disciplined sailors, Bellator was well pleased with their performance. He did however, notice that a ship, which was painted in black flying House Hobb colours was following him. Knowing this Bellator flew past the bone yard and circled around it. The Hobb ship however must of known of his plans as they pulled up broadside and went dark. Bellator never missing a thing stopped and waited for Apparition to come. Unfortunately Apparition this time failed in his usually stealthy appearance, and in fact triggered the Elves to attack him. One landing a shot right into his shoulder. Bellator dived in front of him forcing the elves to stop. The damage was done, Hose Hobb’s ship suddenly illuminated itself. It was like a beacon and would probably of been seen for miles around.
Apparition went to the ground and walked towards the oncoming ship. On the House Hobb ship was a familiar character. The character we met whilst in the temple of the severed rope. Apparition greeted the old warrior, who then insisted on coming aboard the ship. Apparition welcomed him on board whilst Bellator with prejudice and apprehension allowed him into the captains cabin. Where in the corner were the fresh corpses of the previous crew. The offer of an alliance was once again offered to the pair. Bellator having enough of such filth being spoken in his presence over turned the table and sliced the unknown warrior threw his rib cage. The warrior un-petered blasted the room with fireballs, dealing a hefty amount of damage on to Bellator and Apparition however scuttled into a corner and escaped harm. Within the blink of an eye Apparition disappeared from the room whilst Bellator turning invisible jumped out of the window of the cabin. Thus escaping the inferno. The old warrior was out of the window and after him quicker than Bellator could of thought possible. Meanwhile House Hobbs ship was sending over people and Apparition was awaiting them on the main deck.
Bellator levitated up to the under deck to listen to whatever transpired. Not knowing what to believe he heard a tail of treachery, one that smacked of double dealings and underhanded bargains. Apparition seemed to eluded to a previous meeting between him and House Hobb, one in which he seemed to of pledged allegiance to them. Not knowing if this was one of Apparitions bizarre slippery tricks or not, Bellator headed for the Bone Scraper with one thought in mind, that of utter destruction.
Back on the Bone Scraper Bellator headed right for the middle of the Hobb ship, igniting the screaming fire of destruction as he made impact. The ship burned to a cinder in front of Bellators eyes. He counted 7 corpses missing, but it was too hot to go down and have a proper look. So he bided his time and waited two hours, then he went in and his suspicions were confirmed. Felling betrayed, he vowed to carry out and complete the mission. Firstly he rose to the underside of the rim and had his ship repaired to an exceptionally high standard by some men who seemed to know their business and who knew how to keep themselves to themselves. Bellator didn’t even have to kill any of them.
Carrying on his mission of spreading the plague and gathering information on the whereabouts of Apparition. He discovered that they were in house Dae’s land concocting who knows what treacherous schemes.
Bellator now was feeling very very ill, knowing he had the plague headed for the Khanstines stronghold on this world.


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