Krevlorneswath of the Deathwok clan

Lorne is a dwarf rogue treasure-hunter/thief, he can still swing an axe like nobody's business


Krevlorneswath of the Deathwok clan, commonly known as ‘Lorne’, is a Dwarf Rogue. Lorne’s specialty is treasure-hunting, aggravated assault and common theft.
Lorne is 4’4" short, 140lb heavy, 240 years old and was born in Year 87 of the 11th Age of Karnstein. He has straight black hair (what’s left of it on his head), which he still wears in a simple warrior’s queue down his back. He plaits his thick black beard into several thick manes, which are bound with precious metals and magical items.
Being a simple fellow, used to the rigours of travel amidst the Planes, Lorne wears hardwearing leathers over his treasured mithral chainshirt (booty from a smash-and-grab in his younger days). Over Lorne’s left shoulder, we can see the pointy end of his trusty Urgrosh, held in place with snap on quillions. When drawn, the blades of the Urgrosh shine with Keenness, and it can cut through solid oak or muscled flesh with equal ease. Lorne can easily draw this fearsome weapon and lay about with mass destruction, but if it’s the quiet kill, then the ever-sharp punch-dagger concealed in his left sleeve will serve nicely, and he is a master at making it appear and disappear at will.
No stranger to ranged weapons, Lorne favours the short bow, and when he fires, his arrows are sheathed in the crackling electricity of a Shock weapon. None still living knows where he acquired this power, and Lorne will not tell. Not an expert archer, Lorne learned this skill as a youngster in the Hills of Darre hunting for table, and generally hits what he aims at. Eventually. Luckily, he always carries a well-stocked quiver of arrows, and a bundle of 200 or more in his capacious rucksack.
This rucksack is a marvellous thing, for it can hold 500lb or so of gear, and still weighs less than an 1/8th of that! No-one knows exactly what Lorne carries in here, but he has been seen to bring out all manner of useful travellers’ tools.


Lorne was born in the hills of Darre, on the Third Plane. This little known dwarven community is a quiet, Shire-like place, where nothing much ever happens. Lorne’s father is a stolid farmer, Krevsarnwith, well known for his love of longleaf tobacco, and a strong whiskey of an evening. Lorne never knew his mother, who abandoned the family for the excitement of the shore-towns of Ildris. Old man Krev’ never spoke much of his Lorne’s mother to him, except to angrily mutter about flighty women with ginger beards.
Lorne grew up, as any other young dwarf, in the worship of Drugan, lawful god of dwarves and gnomes. He learned the work of hammer and fire from the village smith, and seemed set to become a fellow in his father’s image, if not his livelihood. However, in his forties, as fiery as a youth as Darre had ever seen, he renounced his family and made his way out into the world, swearing that he would find “Something more interesting to talk about than crops and ploughshares!”

Lorne wandered from town to town, halfheartedly keeping an ear out for a dwarven women named Sarris (who some suspect is the long-missing mother), and gradually fell into gambling, drink, and finally theft and murder. The common spiral of town brigands and layabouts was aborted when he tried to assault a wandering ranger of the Deathwok clan, in town to bank his gold. When Lorne awoke, he found himself gagged and bound to a saddle, on his way to slavery in the mines of the Deathwok. Never having heard of such a House, he soon found that they were not in fact a House of the Planes, but rather a disparate clan of thieves, assassins and spies. Ruled by the Circle of Thirty, the clan control a significant swathe of the Third Plane, though few realise this as they are fronted by an association of respectable Houses.
Lorne found himself swinging a pickax at the never-ending tunnel-walls in the Hubbish foothills for twenty-five years before the clan freed him, having finished his sentence for attacking a clan-member. As a slave, Lorne learnt to trust no other, and the suspicious, violent dwarf that left those dark mines would never go home again.
Lorne enlisted in the service of the clan as a squire to one of the roving bands of Deathwok agents that scoured the Planes for treasure, magic and secrets. He proved himself in battles against Orcs, goblins, humans and Sangoll, and was eventually admitted to the ranks of the Deathwok clan in his one hundred and first year.
Lorne’s early career in the clan was as head-breaker and booty-smasher, and he enjoyed many adventures among the planes, but in time, he realised that a stealthy theft was as rewarding as a bloody melee, and a damn sight less lethal. After a hundred and thirty years of clan membership, he is next in line to become one of the Circle of Thirty, and knows he has as little as fifty years more of freedom to wander the world. It is in this mind-set that Lorne begins his service as an agent of House Karnstein, bringing his long experience and deadly skills to the vampires’ bidding. Little do they know that he reports all he learns to the clan, who gather such information for sale to the highest bidder…

Krevlorneswath of the Deathwok clan

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