The Rise of Apparition

Whilst Lorn went a wandering

Appariton and Bellator unsupervised

Magnificently defeating the road side scum was the last memory of Bellator the benevolent. This new jarring scene in front of him was at odds with the previous memory. He was now confronted with a large, sphinx like creature, in a tremendously large cavern. sex orc sex orc you’re my sex orc The statue is surrounded by monks, worshipers and those in need of healing. Gold is being lavishly thrown into the creature, which seems to be on fire internally, melting the gold and causing the creatures mouth to spout pure molten gold.

Bellator turned around at the sound of Apparitions voice and sees him smiling, for the first time, and conversing with a hunched over old woman whose hair resembled the end of a twig broom. She made some jerking movements which could have been interpreted as laughter and shuffled towards the sphinx like creature with what was unmistakably Bellators gold pouch in her hand. Wasting no time Bellator rounded on Apparition demanding answers for this sex orc sex orc, your my sex orc bizzar situation he found himself in. Learning that due to Apparitions incompetence Bellator was not victorious but indeed squarely routed by his roadside foes and beaten senseless literally. Apparition promptly spent what pitiful god he had left on healing him. Although why Apparition looked so pleased with himself was a mystery. It certainly was not in his nature to do anyone a good turn, let alone any of his traveling companions. The two decided to find Lorn and get back on track with their clandestine mission. On the way out a large, muscilor, presumably a warrior walked right into Apparition. Apparition, however, had other ideas and rather than run into this fello he simply stepped through him in a graceful move any cat would have been jealous of. Bellator was distracted with his own thoughts and grumblings did not have such luck. Bellator was quickly pushed aside by this warrior and he stumbled into the side of the wall. He quickly gained his feet in time to see the warriors squire walk past. A further inquiry from the snivelling servant informed them that this was Sir Argon from the House Argon. A name which now resides on Bellators ‘to kill’ list.
Just as they were entering the exit chamber, an old aged warrior in an alcove beckoned the pair towards him. They looked at each other did an almost incompressible shrug and walked towards the figure. Bellator greeted the warrior whilst Apparition stood back a little. To which the aged warrior whispered in Bellators ear “will not your companion Apparition join us” . Being as he had his hat of disguise on this caused the pair of them to ever so slightly stiffen, and indeed Apparition walked towards the aged warrior as he motioned them to step inside a small anti chamber off the main cavern. Apparition walked towards the open door then transported himself inside, Bellator took the more conventional route and walked in followed by the aged warrior. The room was relatively small, and was indeed one of many cut into the side of the cavern. Bellator whoo, now don’t get me wrong, I wont do you no harm, sex orc sex orc being the type of person to notice the smallet detail, noticed “House Hobb” written in extremely faded cold leaf around the inside of the door, and their symbol carved into well warn and slightly damaged shields at either end of the scroll work. The room itself was covered in what at one time would have been lavish green velvet. But now was warn and patchy, with grates for air circulation around the walls. Again Bellator not trusting the grates were simply for air circulation cast detect good, and indeed a faint aurora presented itself behind one of the grates, but surprisingly not too much of an aura from the aged warrior.

A conversation ensued which resulted in Bellator leaving the room in disgust. As House Hobb requested or suggested that they throw their current mission in return for wealth and power. Refusing to converse any further with this aged warrior Apparition ended the conversation, and the pair finally departed and set out on foot towards Plath. Bellator was experiencing something he had not done in a long time. Hunger, in fact never before had Bellator been hungry. He decided to ignore the unwanted intrusion and he decided to get some rest on the side of the road as it was a dry night. When a group nearby began making an ungodly racket. Intruding on his rest time he went to investigate the noise, seeing a group of wood cutters just finishing a meal he decided that he would like the rest of their meal, and their gold too. So he walked into the camp and asked politely for some food. Unfortunately the woodcutters only offered part of their meal, this wouldn’t do, thus they are no more. Feeling slightly more full Bellator and Apparition decided to continue their journey.
As the walk continued Bellator, Sex orc, and baby you can turn me on, sex orc again with very fine and keen senses heard the crackling of a fire, but could not see one. Thinking this is something more worthy of his time than wood cutters the pair walked towards the sound. They could hear, and smell a fire but couldn’t see one. Apparition and Bellator found a magical circle on the ground most likely some sort of crude alarm system for whoever was inside. Apparition circled the camp without being seen or heard, he discovered that whoever had built this camp had placed a wooden wall between the fire and the roadside, presumably to deter unwanted guests. Such as Bellator and Apparition. The two did not take the hint and Apparition called out “Ho the camp” and the pair walked towards the centre. They were greeted by an elf seated quite comfortably next to a fire, he seemd to be enjoying ample food and hot cider. A kindly fellow he offered the road wery pair a drink and some food. His foot was idly rested on a large chest, a very large chest. The elf was wearing a cloak of white fur, and had at his side a magnificent looking sword set with a blue gem at its hilt. He was wearing glistening chainmail and was flanked by two ravens that periodically rested on his shoulder for a second or two before flying off. Bellator enjoyed the food and the cider, which was brought to him by a matron who came from a ship moored near by. The elf creature then moved his hand in an unusual fashion which sent he matron back to the ship in a hurry. Tiering of this game and deciding he would like possession of this ship Bellator excused himself to use the forest, and promptly poisoned his blade. And prepared himself for the inevitable slaughter, all in the name of becoming a vampire of House Bellator.
On re appearing at the fire side, the elf and Apparition seemed to be at a stand off. Inquiring as to weather his companion had caused the elf offence he was told that it was travellers coming in disguise that caused him offence. To which Bellator answered by casting a handy little spell on the elf aptly named doom. Which he was now fated to be, in the elfs defence he did fight majestically and bravely. He was able to cause ice to fly out of his presence and directly into Bellator, who will now have a collection of odd scars over his person until his rise in to vampirism.

Apparition did help Bellator a little but instead chose to focus on the woman. Inevitably killing her on the ship that she so bravely tried to protect. On the ship they also found a gaggle of rather attractive women, Bellator still being human and subject to some of their more base needs kept three. The rest he threw over the side and promptly burned. Along with the corps of the majestic elf and the matron. The women, who were previously virgins proved to be quite handy with a needle and thread. Bellator had them sew the banner of a travelling brothel. Yet another disguise they could use to aid their mission.
They sailed their ship to the nearest town and Bellator was able to by some ‘Sex Orc Balm’ . A simple balm applied to the lips of the women daily, and would make them quite content in their new life.


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